Producing a project, whether it is a film, commercial, multimedia kit, television show or animation series, is a collaborative effort through many artistic, intellectual and creative individuals. However, first and foremost, it starts with the client. Though there are many paths taken to the completion of a production, our team feels the best approach is to be a partner with our clients, not a vendor.

In our pre-production phase, we listen carefully and work at getting in the heads of our clients throughout the creative process. After we have written, designed, storyboarded and staffed the talent for your production, we assemble the best creative professionals for the project bestowing it with artistic direction and vision. Illum’s family believes this is crucial for a successful production. After all, no one remembers the process taken to create the project, but everyone remembers the first viewing of the show.

Illum's people can work directly with your marketing representative or with an external advertising agency your company has hired; in any capacity, your project will be produced as a clear and unified vision. We can help you speak and decipher the language of design, scheduling, art, finance, marketing and message, all required to communicate to your target audience.