Creative Team

Illum's creative staff has been immersed in the world of art since they could grasp crayons, markers, finger paint and mom's lipstick and placed them against walls. We won't even mention what they tried to do with their dad's camcorders and computer equipment. Due to the fact that mainstream society did not understand these creative geniuses and therefore would never accept them, our people did the only thing they could do…band together and become revered and award winning artists and film makers.

Their creative skills have been enlisted for: illustrations, editorials, print, advertising, web and all aspects of animation, sports education, corporate, video, television and film entertainment to a diverse group of local, national and international clientele. Though not quite satisfied with all of this, we also attempt to mold other imminent artists into our fold. Our crew utilizes their spare time to provide guidance and education to local high school and college students who have a drive and passion for animation and film.