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The Black Shield

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Illum’s Animation Director, Joe Merideth, has been chosen to work on an independent film titled “The Black Shield”.  This is the story of an ordinary man struggling with everyday issues, his family and his work as a comic book writer and illustrator. Through this he ponders the question – does an individual truly have the power to change the world?  To even change his?  The film beautifully blends animation and live action, and speaks to what we might want to be able to do, if we could.  A personal film that takes a wider viewpoint of the world, and what may possibly lie untapped inside us all.

The animation section presents the alternative world where Warren (the Black Shield) struggles with who he is and his true role in life. While working on the comic book that he hopes will help shed light on his dilemma Warren falls asleep in his studio and his comic comes to life in a dream sequence.  The sequence takes place in a hall of knowledge where other superheroes go for answers to a variety of moral, ethical and other life questions.  There, a wise man helps The Black Shield to understand where he must look to find the answers to his questions.

The Black Shield leaves the hall and enters onto a train which references other train images in the live-action portion of the film and a point in Warrens own history that he must find closure with.

Illum Productions will be creating the CG subway train system that will blend with the traditionally animated characters.  “We love these kinds of projects where we can collaborate creatively with different methodologies to bring an artistic vision to life and create an amazing world of imagination and possibilities,” comments Jerry Chambless, Creative Director.