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Ringling Adjunct

Friday, June 21st, 2013

This past January, our Creative Director agreed to becoming an adjunct professor with Ringling College in the Digital Film Department. Jerry is teaching Cinematic Story Telling to the second semester freshman class. Jerry describes the class as a “buffet” of the filmmaking process, basically getting to taste all the aspects of filmmaking without a focus on any one particular job type. Jerry states, “the students are exposed to all the particular components of filmmaking by diving right in & creating film exercises then stitching those exercises together to make a short film. They get to touch on all the departments necessary in making a film without concentrating on one job type.”

The students, in their sophomore year, begin to develop the individual core jobs by taking specifically tailored classes that focus on one filmmaking aspect like script writing, cinematography & lighting. In the meantime, however, the freshman class gets a quick sense of what it takes to put a film together. The course is quick & decisive & really shows where each student’s talents lie.

Jerry enjoyed his first endeavor as a faculty member saying that the experience was surreal because the program has changed so much since he was a student at the college. “The landscape/footprint of the school is 90% different & the programs have expanded exponentially so it was like I was going there for the first time. However as an alumni, I am happy to be able to give back to the school in another capacity while still being able to run Illum.” Jerry says.

Ringling’s Next Step Career Conference

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Jerry Chambless, Illum’s Animation & Creative Director, has been asked to speak at Ringling College of Art & Design’s Next Step Career Conference.  The conference is held every two years & gives the students an opportunity to meet industry professionals & discuss with them the rigors of working in various artistic industries & what they need to prepare themselves for their future careers.

Being alumni of Ringling, Jerry was excited to take part in the weekends’ events.  He will be speaking on an Alumni Panel, discussing his career & various projects he has worked on.  Jerry will also be a guest critic on the Portfolio Review Board where students get to have their work critiqued & discuss ways to enhance their presentations.

On the last day, Jerry will team up with cinematographer & director, Mark Parry to discuss “The Versatility of Film” in a series of Round Table discussions designed to enlighten the students to the intricacies of the industry & enhance their perception of the career they are working towards.

Jerry states, “I am pleased to be a part of this conference & share with the students’ experiences I have had & skills I have learned while in this industry.  Furthermore it helps me give back to my college; my experience there was phenomenal & I met many great artists who share the same passions that I have.”