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B E A Utiful Noise

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Illum Productions Creative Director has agreed to work with Midnight Pass Productions as their Production Designer on their first main production, a Sarasota based film titled Beautiful Noise.  Midnight Pass Productions is the brainchild of Steve Tatone, a 30 year vetern in music & television production.  Steve’s intent is to produce films in Sarasota as a way to ignite the city’s appeal to main stream Hollywood’ film community & make Sarasota his primary base of operations.  Steve’s first attempt at screenwriting spawned a $25 million Hollywood Production.  Principal photography will start the 23rd of August.

Jerry will be assisting Steve in coordination of locations & creating the look & feel of his vision.  “We are very excited about this production & what it could mean for our community.” Jerry stated.  “Sarasota has the artistic means, the creative vibe & extremely talented people.  “With the marketability of this film, the backing of an amazing Film Commissioner (Jeanne Corcoran) & the determination of a top notch production crew, we could see some exciting infusion to Sarasota from the Film Community.” 

When asked how Jerry got involved with this production, Illum’s Executive Producer stated, “Jerry was a guest speaker for the EDC & the Film Commission a few months ago on the Business of Filmmaking in Sarasota.  Steve was at the breakfast & approached Jerry afterwards to ask him if he would consider becoming a part of his production.”  “We are looking forward to assisting Steve & his production company bring attention to our city.”

To learn more about the production, please visit their website  Steve constantly updates the Directors Blog to keep everyone updated to the production’s progress.