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Perfect Platform for a Premiere

Thursday, March 10th, 2011
Jerry blocking out a scene with Doug Frasure

Jerry blocking out a scene with Doug Frasure

Our independent feature film, Beautiful Noise, has been accepted into the Sarasota Film Festival for its world premiere.  The rough cut impressed the panel of judges & the festival’s artistic director, Tom Hall who with the festival’s programmers has scheduled Beautiful Noise to be showcased an unprecedented 6 times over the 12 day event.  This means that if every show & every seat gets filled, we will have set a festival box office record of over 1,500 viewers.

Artistic director Hall informed our director, Steve Tatone, that the committee is prepared to add additional screenings if the demand is present.  The team is really excited over the news & feels honored to be represented by their home town in such a fashion.

The premiere of Beautiful Noise’s first screening at the festival is April 9th at 7:00 p.m. in downtown Sarasota at the Hollywood 20 theatres.  After the first viewing, Steve Tatone will conduct a Q & A session for those who would like to stay after & learn about our film.  For more information about Beautiful Noise & the Sarasota Film Festival, please visit  Tickets officially go on sale on March 18th.

Jerry, our creative director & the film’s production designer & first assistant director had this to say about the honor, “I am, as well as my crewmates & the actors, very humbled & excited about the festival’s warm reception to our film.  I hope that this aides in the recognition of Sarasota’s film community to the rest of the industry that we have a great deal to offer here.”  If you would like to learn more about the film, visit

Trailers & Music Videos Oh My…

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Last evening Midnight Pass Productions officiated the first viewing of our trailer ‘Beautiful Noise’ to a select group of people prominent in Sarasota.  The response was wonderful & everyone loved the music video from the movie, ‘Lonely Hearts’.  Some even had a bit of welling in the eyes after watching it.  Many of our guests said that they loved how we showcased the beauty of Sarasota & the performances by our actors were amazing.

Jerry, our creative director & Beautiful Noise’s Assistant Director said, “We are excited about the positive response we have received thus far & are eager to jump back into production next Monday. We have many great Sarasota locations we are filming at & everyone has gone out of their way to assist us in making this ‘Sarasota’ film a reality.”

Production on the film resumes this coming Monday the 27th.  After several weeks of pre-production the crew is ready to jump back into the meat of the script.  “We have an extremely aggressive schedule on this next phase of production,” John Goodbrad, the film’s DP said, “but we have worked hard on laying the schedule & the shots out with Jerry & with a positive crew, we could see it through.”

This film will be the start of many coming from Midnight Pass Productions, all of which are planned to film in Sarasota.  “It is important for us to show what is capable in our city,” Jerry stated.  “We have a great community full of talented individuals who want to see this industry build up here & show that we can be more than a vacation destination.  I believe this film can assist in the cause.”

To see the first trailer & music video from the film, visit

Access & Insights

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

News Reporter, Ray Collins from Access Sarasota channel 19 visited the music studio, Top Secret, to check in on Steve Tatone, director of Beautiful Noise & to interview him about the production. 

Along with Steve were owners of Top Secret Studios, Roger & Mo who have been instrumental in developing the music for the movie’s soundtrack.

Rounding out the group was our own creative director, Jerry who serves as the film’s assistant director, production designer & creative consult.

The interview will air this Friday evening the 10th of September at 7:30 p.m. eastern standard time.  The clip will be aired on local Comcast 19 & Verizon 32.  Come check it out!

It’s a Wrap! (First week that is…)

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Our creative director, Jerry, after designing the set to the specifications of the film’s genre with the help of Annette Breazeale, art director of Banyan Theatre Group, he stepped in as the film’s Assistant Director working closely with Steve Tatone, director & the camera team of John GoodBrad (DP) & Sean McCarty (DIT) to work out the intricate & creative shots for the film.

Jerry said that he & the camera team would show up at least half an hour early to the set with shot list in hand & walk through the days scenes; working out each shot, camera angle & movement & lighting (with Ralpf Barnette, lighting & sound tech), & then present their ideas to Steve when he arrived on set.  “Steve had shots in his mind on how he wanted to see them; we simply expanded on his vision & added to them to evoke the emotion we felt the script was asking for from both the actors & the environment.”
The footage will be edited into a trailer that will be used for continued marketing & investment opportunities.  Watch the website for information on the trailer party coming soon.

cast & crew wiped out!

cast & crew wiped out!





Music on the AM

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Jerry joined director Steve Tatone to promote the film Beautiful Noise in an interview with local AM Radio station 1280 WTMY, “Geekin Out” with Skippy & the Dude.  The show ran last Sunday, the 22nd from 5pm to 6 pm.

Along with Jerry & Steve were Danielle White who plays Dez in the film & Roger Hughes of Top Secret Studios.  The group had a great time with the Dude & Toad who was filling in for Skippy due to his birthday celebration.  Happy Birthday Skippy!  The team spoke about the projects humble beginnings, the original music that was written for the film, each person’s participation on the production & how they were brought on with Steve & their various backgrounds.

Production started the next day in Myakka City.  Good luck with the first week’s shoot.

B E A Utiful Noise

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Illum Productions Creative Director has agreed to work with Midnight Pass Productions as their Production Designer on their first main production, a Sarasota based film titled Beautiful Noise.  Midnight Pass Productions is the brainchild of Steve Tatone, a 30 year vetern in music & television production.  Steve’s intent is to produce films in Sarasota as a way to ignite the city’s appeal to main stream Hollywood’ film community & make Sarasota his primary base of operations.  Steve’s first attempt at screenwriting spawned a $25 million Hollywood Production.  Principal photography will start the 23rd of August.

Jerry will be assisting Steve in coordination of locations & creating the look & feel of his vision.  “We are very excited about this production & what it could mean for our community.” Jerry stated.  “Sarasota has the artistic means, the creative vibe & extremely talented people.  “With the marketability of this film, the backing of an amazing Film Commissioner (Jeanne Corcoran) & the determination of a top notch production crew, we could see some exciting infusion to Sarasota from the Film Community.” 

When asked how Jerry got involved with this production, Illum’s Executive Producer stated, “Jerry was a guest speaker for the EDC & the Film Commission a few months ago on the Business of Filmmaking in Sarasota.  Steve was at the breakfast & approached Jerry afterwards to ask him if he would consider becoming a part of his production.”  “We are looking forward to assisting Steve & his production company bring attention to our city.”

To learn more about the production, please visit their website  Steve constantly updates the Directors Blog to keep everyone updated to the production’s progress.