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Timely Updates

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

We know it has been a while since our last posting about the company, what we’ve been up to & what’s to come.  It seems that our company’s information gets waylaid for the benefit of our clients work & life in general.  Well this past year has been quite busy for the Illum staff.  We have been diligently working on our e-motion studio’s children’s project; we are piecing together our animatic for the first video, working out the scenes & timing.


The principals of Illum went & had a baby girl which we are all excited about.  Jerry & Michelle took some time away from the company to focus on Nya’s first several months of life.  Nya is a special addition to the Illum family.

Speaking of expanding families, our Animation Director, Joe & his beautiful wife Jada are expecting their first child.  Jada is due in October & though we have been relentless they decided to wait to see what they are having but our bet is a bouncing boy.  We couldn’t be happier for the couple.

Illum’s design division has been working with several clients, most notably SaraPath Diagnostics, formerly Sarasota Pathology.  The campaign has been a long one; we have completely retooled their marketing direction, renamed them & given them a completely new identity.  From corporate packaging to sales staff tools, from courier vehicles to building signage, from in-house requisitions to a soon to be published revitalized web site, Illum has assisted in the coordination & expansion of nearly every department.

Our creative director, Jerry has been working on assisting the expansion of film to Sarasota’s area.  He has been speaking with several local directors about possible projects here & with the expansion of Florida’s tax incentive, the future looks promising.  He has also spoken on a couple of panels about film in our area.  The latest was with the Economic Development Council & the Sarasota Film Commission on the business of film in Sarasota County.  Jerry shared the panel with Brad Battersby from Ringling College & Mark Famiglio from the Sarasota Film Festival.

Illum Awarded Design Contract

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Illum’s Graphics Division has picked up a corporate design contract for The Zenbu Center, located in Dahlonega, Georgia.  The center is part of the Blaize Foundation; a domestic charitable trust is creating a new opportunity in Dahlonega for constituents who strive to better themselves physically, mentally & spiritually.  An eastern philosophy fitness center & spa is being created as part of a non-profit charitable institute to bring a much needed alternative outlet and lifestyle to a rural college, manufacturing & agricultural town.

This facility will offer Japanese discipline classes through sword arts as well as other self development & enhancement courses such as yoga, aerobics & dance.  This facility will feature a world class martial arts training facility, large strolling Japanese gardens, a gymnasium & will house a fully equipped spa center with all the proper amenities.

Illum Design Group will be creating the corporate identity as well as company stationary packages, collateral material & will also serve as a consultant on the Foundation’s future marketing endeavors.