Click Clack Jack

Illum Productions has agreed to produce the Christian film series pilot, Click Clack Jack.  Principal photography will be shot in California in Sacramento, James Town and Los Angles at Paramount Ranch.

Illum Productions will also produce all the visual effects and direct the distribution channels.  “We are very excited about this production,” Michelle Chambless, our Executive Producer says, “This is the type of project we believe in because of the values of the family unit are so strong and directly tie in with what Illum is working on for our children series.”

It is the dream of Keith Thomas, whom up until now, has been traveling to churches, schools and theatres telling the story of a train engineer from the 1870’s who helps out unfortunate and lost souls and through generosity, kindness and selflessness, helps these people find faith and purpose in their lives.  Click Clack’s stories are told to children through a train museum guide who has a kinship to Click Clack.

The series is driven towards children, families and the Christian faith.  Ryan Bodie, owner of Studio 26 Productions, will be co-writing and directing the film.


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