Interview with Animation Career Review

Robin Wilding, a writer for Animation Career Review, contacted Illum for an interview with our Creative Director, Jerry Chambless.  The interview’s purpose is to give aspiring animators & design professional’s perspective on the projects that are being produced in the industry, what employer’s value in employees/contractors & to show that smaller studios have success in this industry.

Jerry was asked about Illum’s focus, aspects of dealing with clients, qualifications the studio looks for in a team member, recommendation on education & schools catering to the industry, project challenges, etc.  Jerry was happy to speak with Robin & share some of his thoughts on Illum’s path.   “Other than what we received from our instructors & the college job recruiting office, there was not a lot of information on our chosen field.  We would basically hound the studios coming in for presentations & recruitment for information & critiques.  Now you can find out a great deal about a company from the web & the more information that is available, the more one can formulate a decision on their career goals.” stated Jerry.

Animation Career Review launched in February of 2011 & is projecting over the next 12 months to become the authority site in the animation & design industry for aspiring professionals seeking information on education, salary & employment stats, software & technology & other aspect of the industry.

Visit to read the interview.

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