Illum Productions – Animation Creation for Film, Commercial & Multimedia Venues

 Illum Productions, a digital film and animation production company, is based out of beautiful Sarasota, Florida. Illum is owned and operated by our creative team who specialize in animation, film, broadcast production, and visual effects.

Illum’s award-winning creative staff and artists have nearly twenty years in art, design, conceptualization, animation and visual effects, producing, directing and cinematography in broadcast, illustration, commercials and film, training media, advertising and mainstream design.

Illum is an artisan-driven production house that prides itself on a collaborative environment. Client satisfaction is our top priority in every production. We can simply finesse your project or we can produce the entire production. We put ourselves into your shoes; we have often helped our clients with pitches, partnering to win the account. In any capacity, our people are dedicated to creating dynamic solutions that will exceed your vision and expectations.

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