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Sarasota Pathology’s Design Agency

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Sarasota Pathology has approached Illum’s Design Division to take on the company’s corporate re-branding project.  Sarasota Pathology is a local independent laboratory and pathology practice that has been catering to the tri-county area for more than 35 years.  Their pathologists are board tri-certified and licensed in anatomical and clinical pathology with diverse knowledge in tissue diagnosis and analysis.  Sarasota Memorial, HCA/Doctor’s Hospital and Desoto Memorial are but a few of the hospitals that utilize Sarasota Pathology’s quality expertise.

Illum will be designing a new identity, corporate stationary package, re-scoping all internal forms and procedure documentation, employee and vendor badges, building and courier vehicle signage, internet identity, digital brochure, exhibit and tradeshow booth displays.  Illum will also work with SaraPath’s internal sales/marketing staff in designing and producing a multi-platform executive folio.  The folio will be utilized for sales expansion, pathology education meetings and tradeshow events.

Once the new collateral is established, Illum’s production division will create and direct internal infomercials and edit exhibit teaching videos from Sara Path’s pathologists that will be utilized for training through the company’s inter/intranet sites.  Illum will also serve as a consultant on the organization’s marketing push expanding their assistance into additional markets.


Great Turnout for CCJ at GIFF

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Click Clack Jack had a wonderful turnout for the screening at the Gasparilla International Film Festival (GIFF) in Channelside Cinemas.  The film translated amazingly on the Digital Theatre System Channelside runs.  We could hear all of the kids who were watching cheer for our hero & laugh at the Baron’s thugs.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  Ryan, Keith & I held a discussion after the film & received many great questions & kudos on our work.  Many wanted to know when the next film for CCJ was to come & we reassured everyone that it’s being worked on as we speak.  Click Clack is having a great run in the festival circuits including the Macon Georgia Film & Video Festival (MAGA) which ran from February 19th to the 22nd in historic downtown Macon.  Thanks again to everyone who came out & supported the film!